The The Unemployed Graduates of Calvin's esteemed pre-architecture program


So, whats every one up to this coming year. This is what our lunch discussion was about...

Missy has some exciting news. She got accepted to Berkley. Hopefully she can fill us in on some of the news.

Chris is working with a Mission Design Orginization in Colorado Springs. He should post a link to a website or something to see what he'll be doing, and if some of us are interested in doing that type of work we can have some one on the in... I know I'm very interested in it.

I'll be heading down to Ecuador in January to work at HCJB world radio. They have a health care unit that is involved in a clean water initiative, and they thought they could use me as a design resource. I think it will be more of a learning experience.

Matt doesn't know what he's doing with his life... lol.


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