The The Unemployed Graduates of Calvin's esteemed pre-architecture program


Education, Check. Job, Umm....

Boooo liberal arts education. Feeling good about my personal breadth of knowledge while sitting around jobless hardly seems worth the 80k. Maybe if I had just gone to ITT tech and actually learned how to do something, what's the point.

Potential Employer: Nice sketchbook. So where's your portfolio?
Me: Umm...

Potential Employer: But at least you've been trained in AutoCad, right?
Me: Umm...

Potential Employer: How about this, talk to me about post-modern complexity and how it relates to deconstructivism and I'll hire you right now.
Me: Well, the shift from the fatally flawed modernist paradigm produced a climate of ambiguity...

[Just kidding, of course that would never happen.]

Post Script (June 26, 2006)
My interview with W. Holloway (Bernardon Haber Holloway) a couple of weeks ago caused me to initiate this post. I never got a distinct "no" from his office, and now after a few telephone conversations with him, I am going to another office on Wednesday to meet K. Haber. I'm tenatively optimistic, even after so much time has passed, that I'm going to get some sort of work at this office. Part of the reason for this is an apparent Calvin connection on the part of Haber's wife. So if I get a job because of an arbitrary "Calvin-In" do I have to retract my "boo liberal arts education" statement, or does it still stand?


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