The The Unemployed Graduates of Calvin's esteemed pre-architecture program


it smells of corn tortillas...

i appreciate will's enthusiasm. well done, will.

so i am currently in Chicago. soon, i will be starting a program with a name SO cheesey that i ALWAYS try to avoid saying it out loud... ARCHEWORKS. uuuuuugh. i get chills in my spine. HOWEVER, it's gonna be sweet. It's all about studying the ethics of design, and doing practical projects.... like acually researching and building something..... wooooooo!

and i am working on getting a job.... yeah, i've been looking forEVER, it seems, maybe i'm too short. or a girl. or... oh yeah, i got a BFA... I find that getting a job is rather like trying to fit yourself into a nicely packaged box that has to better than eveyone else's box. I am so exicted to get a job, if for no other reason than to pass the poverty line...

speaking of being a girl... it's kind of an issue in my nieghborhood. if, lets say, you are a female, and you decide to walk down the street, you are constantly reminded by evey male that you are a fleshy thing. it's annoying. and repulsive. i mutter all kinds of atrocities in their general direction. expecially if they have small children with them and they are wagging their tounges in the air at you??? i think not.

other than most men. i love my neighborhood, and highly recomend moving here. it's the cheapest in chicago, and has super good eats. i live above a grocery store where i am becoming friends with the owner... and it's 2 miles from the lake.

so... life after calvin is a good thing... you know what I heard??? I heard calvin is becomeing an evalgelical school of sorts. ... as in they're adding a church planting minor, a youth ministies minor.... uuuuuh, are those academic studies??? these kids should get majors in religion and sociolgy. and acually get some substance. go to bible school if that's what you want.

okay kids.. post i!!!


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