The The Unemployed Graduates of Calvin's esteemed pre-architecture program



Hello internet people. Good to hear that Pete and Anne (and Will) are doing well.

I think I'm doing well as well. I've been working at what's currently called studio jva in Grand Rapids... it's basically a one-person firm (Jim Vander Molen is the boss figure...he did the Rapid Central Station when he was at Progressive AE). It's been a big blessing of a job as far as experience goes since I get to tag along to a lot of presentations, meetings, community workshops/charettes, etc and I'm always doing something different (ie not just autocad everyday). It's probably better than the jobs I'll have the first few years after gradschool... The only downside is that Jim is getting so much work in California now that he's there almost as much as he's in Michigan so I'm starting to get a few more days off than I would like (I did get to go with him to CA once though so I'm not really complaining). Anyway, we are currently working with four-ish churches and also North Park Elementary in GR. The work is mostly renovations/small additions and master has been cool seeing things progress through the various design stages....hopefully, I'll get to see something completed one of these days.

So that's good...then I'm hoping to go to archy school at UIC in Chicago in the Fall...the girl I'm getting married to in May is going to attend Loyola/Erikson for social work/child developement and so yeah, Chicago just worked out best for us--so hopefully it all works out. I'm excited for architecture school...I'm not as excited for mounds of addtional debt and the mounds of stress and busy-ness...but it'll work out I suppose. Any horror stories of the workload and any advice for maintaining balance?


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