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This is a picture of my wedding. I doctored it slightly :)... but I thought I'd bring every one up to speed.

Ok... this blog needs a bit of resurrection. To fill every one in on what I'm doing, in life, and in my architecture ambitions. I'm living in Whittier CA, working for an architect in Brea CA. Last time I posted the name of the architect I worked for, he googled himself in front of me, and read my post about him. Anyway, I won't repeat that mistake. I work for an architect who does mainly government work. We have contracts with LA Unified School District, LA county, Internal Services... all the state run stuff, so we mainly get jobs with stuff like schools and parks, and government office buildings. Its almost always updating old buildings to meet ADA. So I've become somewhat knowledgeable in accessibility issues. Its terribly uncreative work, but I'm learning how the architecture profession is run from a business stand point. I'm also learning a bit about programming and scheduling, which I'm not instinctively good at. Its been good. I'm also applying to graduate schools, 5 of them, hoping I get into one of the better ones, but I'll take anything. I'm applying to U of Oregon, U of Washington, U of Colorado, U of New Mexico, and U of Illinois Chicago. Do any of you have any experience in those? I know Anne went to U of Colorado. I actually visited her in Colorado right at the tail end of my honeymoon (of all things), and Denver seemed to be a really interesting city to live in. Anyway... those are the items I've been up to. What about Zoe, Peter, Matt??? Any of you feel like posting?


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