The The Unemployed Graduates of Calvin's esteemed pre-architecture program


This blog called "lovetann" has a lot of interesting things.

So... my job is really feakin cool. I get to build two models that could be potentially really high quality (I have a much larger budget than if I was funding it on my own), and my boss takes time out of his day to teach me autoCAD. An hour to two hours a day he spends showing me things in either autoCAD or model building. I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this. I even get to play chess during work with my russian co-worker!! I never thought such an amazing opportunity would present itself. My boss told me that he enjoys having people who are more motivated to do basic autoCAD stuff. If he was to hire an engineer or some one who was an expert in autoCAD they would be more of a drag around the office because they don't necessarily enjoy basic autoCAD projects.

I'm learning alot about building codes and stuff because thats basically my job is to specify on drawings why these things he has designed adhere to code. Its interesting but the most interesting things are learning autoCAD and learning to read drawings and construction documents. I'm learning that construction documents aren't necessarily standardized, at least to architects. Any how...

My boss's office is attached to a fabrics distribution company's warehouse, so its this strange juxtaposition of elegantly designed offices/greenspace in a factory/light industry section of town.


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