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B... Be.... Bee....Beee.... Freeeeeeeeeee!

Okay, the title is better, BUT... I still feel we could do better... Much better. ( Hi Matt and Will!! How are you guys doing?? How's California? Job? Surfing??? Ecuadorian endeavors? I am going to take up wind serving!!! )

My job-fetching saga continues:
Today I had an interview at a temp agency that deals only with design firms. I had my Work-Place-Stylish ON ( at lease I thought so ), you know, the little suit and stuff. I took the train downtown, and rode the elevator up to the 14th floor. *good so far*

After 1 hour of paper work, .5 hour face interview (they had jobs I wanted), *good so far*... Then: tests. I aced them all: Word, Excel, Power Point, I type 50 WPM ( I was excited about that.), arithmetic... I was a dreamboat to any and every employer in every way. *good so far* .........Then... A SPELLING TEST???? WHAT? AM I IN 2nd GRADE??? .... And hey, at least in 2nd grade I got the words a week in advance.

I Failed. I guess you can probably tell from this post. I retook it. Failed again. SPELLING.
I was so pissed, the interviewer told me they don't every take people that can't SPELL. (discrimination, I say) That's what I use spell CHECK for, I told her. I was so pissed, I didn't want to burst into tears, so I headed for the door, not saying anything. She walked me out. She told me I could retake it in two days. I just boiled.

So that's my story morning glory.... Apparently, everything you need to learn you learned in kindergarten. I am overly reliant on the computer, but I'm okay with it. Spelling, for the 2nd-grade-me, was more of an exercise in personal growth rather than an exercise in how-to-spell. I think my 'person' definitely benefited from the exercise. Therefore, the spelt-word and I can get along with the aid of spellCHECK. In fact, spellCHECK acts as a sort of mediator, a Christ-figure, if you will, in my life. Perfection of written communication is the ultimate goal, and spellCHECK is the bridge humble servants of written communication MUST take.

hilarious. Really, very hilarious. \\\

spellCHECK is your friend. And my friend. Just reach out and give it a little lovin.


  • Wow... thats scary, cause God knows I have the worst spelling in the whole world.

    Give me the name of the place so I can NEVER go there. A design place not taking people who can't spell? I'm going to be in for a rude awakening.

    I'm sorry Zoe... tell me if you go in for a second chance, and how you do. Take pictures of the test so that we can all prepare for it.

    By Blogger Will Krzymowski, at 9/06/2006 4:24 AM  

  • I won a spelling bee in forth grade.

    You should say that you purposely mis-spell words to make a postmodern point about the limits and inadaquacies of language and communication.

    By Blogger matt vander ploeg, at 9/06/2006 2:26 PM  

  • Hello future architects!

    My firm has a number of openings that you all seem to be qualified for (starchitects do not need to spell or even communicate effectively)!

    Best of luck!


    By Anonymous Frank O Gehry, at 9/06/2006 3:32 PM  

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