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Trees are buildings, too

Hello all (anyone?)

Quick update from Delaware: I've been working at a landscape architecture firm for a few months and I love it.  It's a small office with one principal architect and three associate architects. I've mostly been doing drafting: site layout, topography, grading. It's been a fast-pace learning environment, I was glad to be able to pick up the drafting program along the way.

I've always had a nominal interest in gardening and horticulture, but for now I'm focusing on the drafting and some general design stuff (since there are only eight total people at the firm a lot of the work is not position-specific).  The firm does a lot of work for public botanic gardens, as well as high-end residential work.

Does anyone have current contact info for Prof. Young?
I haven't heard anything from or about him since the last arch theory class. I'd like to drop him a line.

- Pete V


  • hey pete, glad you could make a post about what your up to!

    Last time I talked to Professor Young, around christmas time he was doing alright, he couldn't really sustain a long conversation on the phone, so I ended up emailing mostly.

    His email is LIBERTE at comcast dot net

    I figured I'd write it like that so some web crawling program doesn't read it as an email.

    If you guys didn't know, I'm at University of Oregon with Todd and Nate, and Matt is at UIC. Thats the latest developments of people I know.

    By Blogger Will Krzymowski, at 9/11/2008 4:35 PM  

  • I have his address too...

    Charles Young
    721 Wildwood Park Dr
    Saranac, MI 48881-9604

    If you hear from him let us know... he was going to come to my wedding but Deborah got very sick at that time (end of May). I haven't heard back from them since though.

    Landscape architecture sounds cool...that's what I was about to go to school for.

    I like UIC a lot so far (good director/strong curriculum/'approachable' profs)... though my first studio is a lot more "digital" than I thought a first studio would be, but it's not a bad thing so far B-).

    By Blogger matt vander ploeg, at 9/14/2008 2:36 PM  

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