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AutoCAD 2006

Over the summer I went to three interviews at architecture firms in Delaware. All were in regard to posted openings, a seemingly promising prospect. The trend that developed, however, had to do with two recurring themes in the interview discussions. The first was the term "professional degree." The second was a word which I dreaded dealing with from the very start: AUTOCAD.

It became increasingly evident that there wasn't a lot of entry-level work for recent interdisciplinary graduates with no drafting skills. Perhaps I was ineffective in communicating my willingness to do the most menial tasks. Anyway, the following points were driven home in each interview:

1.) Entry-level employee = AutoCAD monkey,
2.) We don't hire untrained monkies.

I'm having trouble coping with equating the value vs. cost of various forms of education. Now I am enrolled in a $400 AutoCAD course at the Delaware College of Art and Design. Where is the love for the educated vibe? The architects around here seem like engineers.

I'm thinking of a Talking Heads song, ".....there's a city in my mind.."

Why is thinking at odds with working, learning dissociated from occupation? Starting to feel like a ghost town.


  • There's a long ladder ahead... and I guess it starts with the autoCAD monkey.

    I'm thinking there is an alternate route... or even an alternate destination.

    My boss is really excited about this model me and him are working on because he said its been so long since he's felt like he's "made" something.

    Any how... where is this you are??

    By Blogger Will Krzymowski, at 9/24/2006 4:34 AM  

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