The The Unemployed Graduates of Calvin's esteemed pre-architecture program


Lucky to be a Grocery

So this is where I live... we have the second floor of this building. The lower floor is the infamous Lucky Grocery. This little story isn't necessarily "Architecture"... but it's related, it takes place in a building.

Come to find, my roomates and I are the first people to have a lease in this building. The grocery downstairs doesn't even have a lease! This might not seem like a big deal but it is. The grocery isn't worth as much as a business; even though the grocer wants to sell, he can't sell for as much. Apparently having a lease is a privlidge, ya know...the landlord is held to their end of the deal just as much as the renter is to paying. Why is it that all the sudden me and my roommates get a lease??? I can't help but think it is because we are perceived as having money, because we have the ability to move into the neighborhood... And we are Mostly WHITE. It's weird. But WHATEVER we are getting tight with our grocer. It's a good time. Yeah for neighbors. Boo on injustice.