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Faking It

Who votes for changing the title to Calvin Architecture? I just woke up from a nap and am annoyed by the "Arch"... [looks like it's already been changed]

Anyway, I plan on sympathizing with Pete and writing about how "I don't know what to do with my" which is relative and should be put in context. How many people really know what they are doing and how many are 'faking' it? It's a lot easier to fake it. I could go into advertising and be 'sucessful'...I'm almost sure of it. I look at more as trying to tackle my "Mid-life Crisis" now instead of when I'm fifty. Perhaps this isn't the right way to look at it though.Erm...whatever...I didn't pick a major until junior year (made a mistake btw), I haven't done a whole lot of career/grad shool/"arch" school research, and I do not have clearly defined strengths and weaknesses, and I can write run-on sentences so maybe I'm not at the stage to make some of the big life decisions yet. Or maybe I should pick something and run with it and stop being so cautious.

Maybe I can write something like that and ask for advice when I figure out how to post on here.
Written by Matt, posted by Pete


What's Next?

Sorry I missed the lunch, everyone. Sounds like Matt and I are in the same boat, unlike all you other go-getters : ). After graduation I am moving back home to Delaware -- a compulsory maneuver orchestrated primarily by my parents (to whom I still owe mad $$). This summer I will be trying to find a job of any kind, but naturally I will be looking first to local arch/design firms for a "foot-in-the-door" opportunity. I actually do have an interview arranged on May 25th at a Wilmington architecture firm, which I will be using as a shield to deflect my parents' career inquisitions on the twelve hour drive home.

I've already been thinking about my next move after this summer -- one possibility is applying to UofM Arch grad school. Another is staying in Delaware to complete a full engineering degree at UofD (I am graduating with an IDIS ARCH/ENGR, not an actual ENGR degree).

I am still seeking a sense of purpose, however, as I transition into the working world.
Pete V

A project by Bernardon Haber Holloway (the firm who is interviewing me). Their website is linked.

So, whats every one up to this coming year. This is what our lunch discussion was about...

Missy has some exciting news. She got accepted to Berkley. Hopefully she can fill us in on some of the news.

Chris is working with a Mission Design Orginization in Colorado Springs. He should post a link to a website or something to see what he'll be doing, and if some of us are interested in doing that type of work we can have some one on the in... I know I'm very interested in it.

I'll be heading down to Ecuador in January to work at HCJB world radio. They have a health care unit that is involved in a clean water initiative, and they thought they could use me as a design resource. I think it will be more of a learning experience.

Matt doesn't know what he's doing with his life... lol.


Green architecture

I just read that Chicago is known for trying to be the "greenest" city in the US. I had no idea. This is chicago's dedication to the enviroment.

Has any one done any reports on LEED. All I know is that they have a system to evaluate buildings, and you can get gold, platnuim, silver, lead, nickle... or whatever designations they have.

Do you guys think it could have any negative reprocutions? One highschool teacher of mine one said "our enviroment is not our God."

All I know is that sustainability is going to be a big problem some time in our future. We could probobly do something about that now... or leave it up to the last second to get everything straightened out. I think LEED is a form of anticipating that, and will only be more important as time goes on. I think it would be wise to get LEED certified, not only because its important to our enviroment but because there will be a demand for LEED certified architects in the future.

Who thinks this is a little over the top (McDonough's pre-planned town)?? *raises his hand* Its like corbusier slapping on a green roof. Thats my initial reaction. I don't actually know what he proposes in the rest of the building or the city. After reading "the production of houses" anything mass produced on a large scale feels like its going to be inherently inhumane and a terrible place to live.

Ok. I looked at pete's blog... and its interesting. He writes much more eliquently than I do, so I think he should make some posts. I don'tk now if any one reads these.

GL on exams every one...


Its a community garden

Its my first day creating posts and I'm finding so many interesting things for people to read about, so here's another post.

I think Ben Schofsma would think this is interesting.

I found this on Urban Cartography...

"For thirteen years, in the depressed inner city of south central LA, 250 families have been feeding themselves on with organic fruits and vegetables grown on a farm that was once completely paved and considered completely useless for growing anything on.

The farm has almost zero fossil fuel imput and zero transport cost. It's a model the whole world should be copying, but instead the city has decided to give them an eviction notice. The sheriff's office delivered the notice on March 1st. This farm does great things, and its in everybody's best interest that it survive.

The city wants to replace it with a Wal-Mart."

The rest of the story is at here

And this is some one covering the story.

We'll start out with suburbia!

“The cities will be part of the country; I shall live 30 miles from my office in one direction, under a pine tree; my secretary will live 30 miles away from it too, in the other direction, under another pine tree. We shall both have our own car. We shall use up tires, wear out road surfaces and gears, consume oil and gasoline. All of which will necessitate a great deal of work ... enough for all.”

—Le Corbusier, The Radiant City (1967)

Here's a good introduction to what sprawl is...

I'm moving to L.A. area in August, and this article talks about what problems they are facing right now in terms of sprawl and its affect.

This is an interesting thread to read... residents of California talking about there own enviroment.

Pictures of the places they are talking about


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This is a good idea -- I'm in. These blogspot blogs are pretty cool, too -- should be able to get some good stuff going on. No titles for posts, though?

Pete Van Dyk

“Architects are pretty much high-class whores. We can turn down projects the way they can turn down some clients, but we've both got to say yes to someone if we want to stay in business.”

- Philip Johnson

Just some blogs I have bookmarked... matt has a ton... he should be posting them...

When you guys join... I'll set it so every one can make posts, post pictures, links, el todo!

This is a blog for all Calvin Pre-Arch Graduating Seniors... so we can all stay in contact, post our recent activities, post interesting arcticles/blogs/books, and possibly retain some of the wonderful community we have had the past 4 years.

I will give you guys the password and log-in name so that we can all post on here when ever we feel like it.